Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vuitton and Kids Team Up

Luxury retailer Louis Vuitton, perhaps most famous for the beloved, all-over monogrammed "Mom Bag" for which the company is justly famous, announced a new collaborative design effort this week. The retailer, in an effort to project a "younger, hipper image", has decided to team up with a local kindergarten art class in order to produce a number of groundbreaking accessories, including the "tribal" shoes pictured above.

Students in the class were provided with Elmer's glue, feathers, beads, sequins, and other materials, as well as several pairs of the retailer's platform sandals, and asked to "decorate".

While early efforts that included Lisa Frank stickers and glue-on purple rhinestones were considered "too avant-garde and ironic" for the venerable accessories producer, the Vuitton design team is confident that the later, more "primitive-looking" efforts will grace the feet of Vuitton afficionados for years to come.

Said the head of Vuitton's accessories marketing team, "Had we known that collaborating with a kindergarten class would be such a stunning success, we might have known that allowing children to produce goods for the luxury market for next to nothing was the way to go. Oh wait..."